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    Self Release
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    October 31/10/18
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    A different
    kind of music

    A famous musician once said ‘The good thing about Music is that when it hits you - you feel no pain’ – we beg to differ. 9xDead embrace the Pain, mixing the strongest and darkest feelings from the depths of the human soul; hate, guilt, desire, fear, revenge, jealousy & despair to create powerful music, a mirror to the darkness in us all. These emotions need an outlet, and our uncompromising and unique sound is the perfect vessel for delivering this; a unique blend of diverse influences resulting in a potent brew; a hard, dark, rock cocktail full of crushing riffs, enduring melodies, bruising rhythms and surprising textures; blending Goth, Doom & Metal. Not afraid to diversify, the band evolved for over a decade, culminating in a formulae that satisfies both themselves and their fans, both live and in the studio. Notable 9x offerings are - 'Lucifer', menacing little ditty with razor sharp lead guitars over grinding bass and pounding drums, next up is 'Samael' slow, methodical, Eastern tinted tune, the kind you may find yourself humming along to. Stand out songs (fan favourites) Born To Bleed - Goth Metal monster with slightly kinky lyrics, cutting guitars, simplistic bass & rythmic drumming. Consequence - this will mess with your mind, twisted lyrics, twisted everything. Forever - great groove, you just can't keep still listening to this track. Crimson Dreams - horrible track but brilliantly done !. Controlled Aggression - fast, punky, catchy, thought provoking lyrics. Newer tracks feature the vocal talent of Rebekah, she brings a haunting melody to the already dark tracks. Our latest offerings have a keyboard edge to them, plus Adam's synth guitar adds even more layers to the overall depth & deep feeling. Not being able to label oneself, we go by - Gloom Rockers, we walk the line between Goth, Metal & Doom, with a slight Eastern and even Bluesy slant.

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      Gary Appleby
      Vocals, bass
      Rebakah Nevaine
      JJ Marauder
      Adam West

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